Cleaning your line via hydro-jetting

It is our recommendation to thoroughly clean the line in the event of a clog, because clogs usually occur when the line has build-up which impedes the flow of common items.

It is more cost effective to clean now, rather than pay later to re-clear a line when build-up impedes natural flow. 

When we clean the line, we use a specialized high-pressure hose from our water truck with hi-tech nozzles which literally scour the circumference of the interior walls of your sewer line from one end to the other. We have been utilizing this process for approximately 15 years and it is extremely effective, time tested, safe to your line, and invariably saves you money and much aggravation.

Chris’s Recommendation – Hydro-jet cleaning is reasonably priced and almost always more cost-effective in the near and long-term versus a simple clearing of the line. 


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