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In-Depth Sewer Video Inspection in Columbia, SC, and Nearby Areas


At Drain Pro of South Carolina we believe that seeing is knowing

Since 1999, Drain Pro of South Carolina has been providing innovative solutions at affordable, upfront rates. One of the options we offer is a sewer video inspection in Columbia, SC, and nearby areas. While we can’t normally see your entire sewer line from the outside in, we can see it from the inside out. We are equipped with several types of specialized in-line video cameras, which travel at great distances through the interior of your sewer or drain line, not dissimilar to surgical cameras used in medicine. These cameras are fed through your sewer line in order to examine the condition of the interior walls of your line.

By examining the interior walls of your line we can be sure that the structure of the line is not compromised by root incursion, natural corrosion, or joint shifting. Not only can these factors cause blockage, but they can also cause leaching of waste into the soil, foundation of your house, potentially causing much damage.

Whenever possible we try to avoid unnecessary service calls at additional expense. For this reason, we are currently offering video inspections of your sewer line at no charge when accompanied by a service. This will help to ensure your sewer line integrity moving forward, or alert you to any long term issues that may arise. Video camera inspections are also reasonably priced as a stand-alone service.

How Video Inspections Work

As we mentioned, we use specialized in-line video cameras to look far within sewer lines. The images are displayed on a monitor as the camera is manipulated along the path of the pipe being inspected. This presents clear visual documentation of the condition of your sewer lines and determines which among our sewer repair services will be advisable.

Sewer Problems Video Inspections Can Identify

A video inspection in Columbia, SC, and nearby areas performed by one of our trained technicians can identify many sewer problems. Some of the top ones include:

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    Intrusive tree roots

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    Pipe corrosion

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    Sediment buildup along pipe walls

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    Debris and other materials that may be within sewer lines

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    Cracks, joint shifting, and other structural problems

Types of Sewer Pipe Repair We May Recommend

There are two main approaches to sewer repair in Columbia, SC, and nearby areas we offer. The one you may be most familiar with is conventional repair, which is done with excavation. 

Sewer Inspection

In some cases, a sewer line may be able to be repaired by relining the inside with a new coating. This is known as trenchless sewer repair since no excavation is needed.

Have Your Pipes Inspected Today

Reach out to Drain Pro of South Carolina for a standalone inspection or a video inspection coupled with sewer line replacement or repair or other services we offer. We are also the company to call on for 24/7 emergency rooter service for clients we serve throughout the South.

Contact us today to learn more about our video inspection as well as:

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Whether it is sewer pipe line repair or routine drain cleaning that has you calling on Drain Pro of South Carolina, rest assured the job will be done promptly, correctly, and affordably. Reach out to us today for dependable sewer and drain cleaning services by calling us or filling out the online form.