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Our Emergency Services in Columbia, SC, and Nearby Areas


If you have a drain related emergency, please call DRAIN PRO SC immediately…

We want to solve your sewer/drain issue ASAP! In the event that your drains are backing up, Chris recommends the following 5 steps:

  1. Stand AWAY from the backed up water. If you can safely access your main electrical panel, turn off the breaker to the flooded area – provided you do not go near without near the flooded area. Otherwise, stay far away, keeping all pets and children safely away as well.
  2. Make sure all sinks are turned OFF, dishwasher OFF, washing machine OFF.
  3. Do not flush toilets!
  4. Should you have an issue with a broken water supply line and water is running into the house, (or into a drain), locate your main water cut-off valve. It is usually adjacent to your water meter at the street near your property line – often close to where your sewer line exits your property. Don’t forget to take your water meter turn-off key.
  5. If you don’t have a turn-off key for the water valve, grab some heavy-duty pliers, or a hammer. Do NOT hammer the valve in any way. Instead, try using the ‘claw’ end of the hammer to wedge into the slotted head of the valve and apply slow leverage to assist in turning the valve to the OFF position. The valve is usually in the OFF position when the slot of the valve is perpendicular to the direction of the water line to the house.

Our team offers emergency services in the following service areas:

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