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Thorough Drain Cleaning in Columbia, SC, and the Surrounding Areas


Since 1999, Drain Pro of South Carolina has been a trusted drain cleaning company serving Columbia, SC, and nearby communities. We provide drain cleaning options that address a wide range of issues. Our services can also reduce your risk of having significant residential or commercial drain problems later. 

We offer drain cleaning services in the following areas:

Signs of An Impending Drain Issue

When traditional methods of unstopping your drain, toilet, or sink aren’t working, and especially if you hear gurgling noises from a toilet or drain or are experiencing a back-up, it is time to call Drain Pro of SC for a thorough drain cleaning in Columbia, SC, and nearby areas. We handle simple stoppages to full line replacements with the same care and attention, as reasonably as possible.

Chris’s Recommendation – If you should hear gurgling, please be aware that it is possible that a back-up or a sewer cap blow is imminent. A back-up could occur with the next flush or load of wash. Please discontinue use of the toilets, dishwashers, washing machine, and keep sink drain usage to an absolute minimum. Refrain from using common chemical drain cleaners in general, but particularly at this time, which may not be able to pass through the obstruction and may settle in one spot only to corrode your drain line. Please call Drain Pro of SC immediately. We take emergency calls and are happy to help.

Clearing your Drain Line

When your drain line or sewer line is stopped up, or in the process of backing up, we can clear your line using our exploratory snake rooter to remove simple everyday non-permanent obstructions. In most cases, this is quick, effective, and works on any type of drain, from interior drains to sewer lines. Our aim is to get you flowing as quickly as possible so as to avoid emergency back up.

While clearing the line does usually remove temporary everyday obstructions and is the least expensive option for removing clogs, it does not remove caked sediment on the interior wall of the drain line that has accumulated over time, threatening to impede the flow of those items again in the future.

Chris’s Recommendation – To remove more stubborn build-up on the line we recommend CLEANING. In most cases, our customers choose cleaning over clearing.

Drain Cleaning

Our Top Drain Cleaning Options

For minor or mild clogging issues, drain snaking may be all that's necessary to restore normal flow. Other times, however, we may recommend hydro jetting. This is a powerful drain cleaning method that we perform by using highly pressurized water. A specially designed nozzle is attached to the hose to break up tree roots or remove debris that's in pipes or along pipe walls.

Main Causes of Clogged Drains

A clogged drain isn't always as obvious as seeing water come back up from a toilet or sink. Signs associated with drain clogs include:

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    Toilet bubbling and other odd drain sounds

  • Untitled-2

    Foul drain smells

  • Untitled-2

    Unexplained water puddles near sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and other water sources

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    Water that backs up in another drain when a different one is used

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    Slow drains

As for clogged drain causes, tree roots are a common culprit. Drains can also be affected by things that shouldn't be flushed and years of accumulated debris. Structural damage to the drain line can also be a factor.

Why Choose Us for Drain Cleaning?

Affordable, upfront pricing is just one reason to choose us as your preferred drain cleaning company. We are customer-focused in everything we do, which means fair rates, easy scheduling and payment options, online arrivals, and 24/7 emergency rooter service for unexpected situations that demand immediate attention.

Drain Cleaning FAQs

Are drain cleaning products safe to use?

We advise against using drain cleaning products because it's easy to overuse them. Also, the corrosive nature of these products can accelerate drain damage and contribute to entirely new issues.

Can't I do drain snaking myself?

We use an exploratory snake rooter to remove simple clogs. However. a DIY approach to snaking a drain is never recommended because of the potential to push debris further down.

How can clogged drains be avoided?

Watching what you flush or put down your disposal is a good starting point. Also, use drain strainers or grease traps to minimize how much grease goes down your residential or commercial drains.

What should I do if I hear gurgling coming from my drains?

A back-up or a sewer cap blow may be imminent if you hear gurgling sounds coming from your drains. Keep drain usage to a minimum and give us a call for further assistance.

How often should I have my drains professionally cleaned?

Most homeowners benefit from an annual drain cleaning that's done for preventative purposes. You may need our drain cleaning services more frequently if you have heavily used commercial drains.

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Whether it is sewer pipe line repair or routine drain cleaning that has you calling on Drain Pro of South Carolina, rest assured the job will be done promptly, correctly, and affordably. Reach out to us today for dependable sewer and drain cleaning services by calling us or filling out the online form.