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Helping our residential and commercial customers save time and money is one of our top priorities at Drain Pro of South Carolina. One way we accomplish this goal is by specializing in trenchless pipe lining in Columbia, SC. It's an alternative to excavation methods to preserve existing sewer or drain lines and flawlessly restore the pipes internally.

Understanding Pipe Lining

Also referred to as cured-in-place pipe or CIPP lining, pipe lining is a cost-effective way to cover cracks and other structural flaws in sewer or drain lines. We get the process started by performing a camera inspection to identify what's going on inside the affected pipe. If pipe lining is an appropriate solution, we insert a resin-filled liner into the pipe. Once it cures within the pipe, a solid, new coating is what remains. This ultimately leaves you with a like-new sewer or drain line.

Advantages and Benefits of Pipe Lining

One of the top advantages of epoxy pipe lining is that it's done in a way that doesn't require traditional excavation work. What this means for you is we won't bring heavy machinery onto your property, nor will we have to dig up your lawn, garden areas, or paved surfaces. Additionally, you'll save time since the process is often completed within a day. You also won't have to worry about above-ground restoration costs.

Cast iron pipe lining is preferable when it's used to restore older sewer lines that would otherwise have to be dug up and replaced. If conditions are right, it's often possible to extend the life of worn or damaged cast iron pipes for many years with our minimally invasive approach to pipe repair.

Indications You Need Pipe Lining

Bad odors coming into your home or business and seeing wet spots on your lawn in certain areas are among the signs to look out for that suggest you'll likely benefit from pipe lining. We also recommend contacting Drain Pro of South Carolina if you're seeing or noticing:

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    Backups affecting multiple drains

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    Gurgling and other unusual drain sounds

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    Slow drainage in multiple drains

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    Mold or mildew around areas where drain or sewer lines leave your home or business

Main Issues We Can Address

CIPP or cast iron pipe lining addresses a wide range of issues, from sewer and drain lines affected by age-related wear or corrosion to damage resulting from underground shifts in soil. Tree roots are another common problem we're often able to address with pipe lining. Over time, underground roots get into pipes through tiny cracks and turn them into bigger ones.

Count on Drain Pro of South Carolina

We've been a leader among pipe lining companies in Columbia, SC, and areas throughout the South that we serve since 1999. Our residential and commercial clients also benefit from:

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    Affordable, upfront pricing

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    24/7 emergency rooter services

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    Courteous, attentive customer service

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    Sensible solutions that keep costs to a minimum

Let Our Team Restore Your Pipes Today

Our reliable team at Drain Pro of South Carolina is ready to restore your pipes in a way that extends the life of what you already have while also sparing your landscape. Reach out to our team to find out if pipe lining is right for your needs. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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