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Thorough Sewer Video Inspection in Columbia, SC


Being mindful of what's going on inside your sewer lines is easier than you may realize. At Drain Pro of South Carolina, we give our residential and commercial clients fast, accurate answers with sewer camera inspection services. A sewer camera inspection can be done proactively to spot potential issues sooner rather than later or to identify the source of sewer-related problems.

The Process of Sewer Inspections

Through a sewer video inspection in Columbia SC, we insert a flexible cable into a drain or sewer line. This cable has a lighted, high-resolution camera attached to the end that's placed into the pipe. It's eased along the entire span of the pipe at a pace controlled by the technician. During the inspection, the real-time images from within the pipe are displayed on a monitor and evaluated while the camera is inside the pipe. The images are also recorded for review and reference.

Importance of Regular Sewer Inspections

A sewer camera inspection can be done annually or every other year for routine maintenance purposes. It's important to do this so issues you may not be aware of can be dealt with before serious problems develop. You'll also have documentation of the condition of your sewer lines, which can come in handy if you end up selling your home in the future.

Having a sewer inspection done on a regular basis may also benefit you by:

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    Avoiding related drain problems

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    Extending the life of your sewer lines

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    Contributing to possible savings on your home insurance policy if results show no significant issues

What We Check During Inspections

When conducting a camera-based sewer pipe inspection, our technicians first look at the general condition of the sewer or drain line. If the inspection is being done for a specific reason, as may be the case if you have multiple drain issues, we'll check for any obstructions or blockages.

As we can manipulate and guide the camera along pipe curves and turns, we're also able to check for any of the following issues:

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    Tree or shrub root intrusions

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    Cracks, fractures, or other structural flaws

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    Visible signs of corrosion or rust along interior pipe walls

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    Accumulated minerals, or "pipe scale"

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    Wastewater gathering where it's not supposed to be found

Rely on Our Team for In-Depth Inspections

Since 1999, Drain Pro of South Carolina has been providing affordable services and solutions coupled with upfront pricing and customer-centered solutions. We proudly serve clients throughout the South. You can also expect:

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    24/7 emergency rooter service

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    Prompt arrivals

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    Cost-effective, time-saving solutions

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Whether you need to find out why your sewer or drain lines aren't doing what's expected or hoping to prevent future issues, a sewer or drain inspection can provide clear answers quickly and affordably. The Drain Pro of South Carolina team is here to present results you can see for yourself so well-informed decisions can be made. Contact us today to schedule a pipe inspection immediately.

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