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We specialize in expert drain repair, replacement and cleaning, using the latest technology available. Since 1999 our only goal has been to deliver the highest quality of drain repair to South Carolina. We are proudly located in Columbia, SC, and service clients throughout the South.


Have a clogged drain? Gurgling toilets? Backed up system? Give us a call. Your solution is just one call away.

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We are highly experienced in hydro-jetting your drain to descale and help prevent future clogging issues, insuring proper flow to your sewer.

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Did you know can see around corners, through walls and under ground? Let us live camera your line to view the integrity of your drain.

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We specialize in state-of-the-art drain line replacement without digging your yard, drive or structure. Since 1999.

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Yes, we can even do traditional trench repairs as well. We are highly trained. Our methods are cost conscious and guaranteed.

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When you flush your toilet, you expect one result – magically vanishing contents. We expect that too, but we are pleased by a certain whooshing sound, like the hum of a finely tuned engine. We pride ourselves on knowing how things disappear and why. And we delight in knowing they end up at tne proper destination. In fact, we guarantee it. That’s the Drain Pro promise.



I have the highest respect for Chris and Drain Pro of SC. Many times I’ve seen Chris take the time to help others, even when he was busy. He takes his work seriously and handles his work with integrity.

Mr. Miles, Contractor/Plumber

I brought Chris on board to help our town with pipe lining issues. I wanted to save the town money without an expensive dig-up. Drain Pro currently has repaired two sections of mainline sewer [snip] with sewer pipe lining and it has been a smooth, permanent process. He is currently working on the third section for me and has saved the town 2/3rds of what it would have been to dig it up. I would not hesitate again, in using Drain Pro for all my sewer needs and repairs. Chris Bergeron of Drain Pro, is a very professional and responsible person. He and his company can meet all your sanitary sewer needs, from camerawork, high pressure jetting to relining.

Jimmy H. Boatwright, Department of Public Works, Batesburg-Leesville

I had an issue with my main sewer line from my house to the street. I had someone clean the line only to tell me that I had root incursion into the terracotta drain line. They recommended I dig up 40 feet of my yard to replace the line. A trusted plumber recommended to Drain Pro of SC. To my surprise the owner of Drain Pro, Chris Bergeron, showed up and personally performed a video inspection as well as relined my line without digging up our holly trees, azaleas, or camellias. He and his crew were in and out in one day and our line is stronger than the original pipe and is guaranteed for 50 years. Drain Pro is cutting edge, professional and they saved me real money. (They were also more reasonable than their competitors). I can’t recommend them highly enough. I don’t have to worry about it for another 50 years, but when I do I’m calling Drain Pro again!

George Fulton, Home Owner, Columbia, SC

Our home was built in 1937. Sometime over the past 75 years one of the roof drains developed a leak. The flat roof and unique concrete and steel construction of our home presented a difficult challenge. The roof drain courses over the master bath and shower with 1930’s period irreplaceable tile. The drain then descends two stories, exiting the house beneath the concrete floored garage. Conventional pipe repair would have required considerable excavation of the roof, bathroom, tile, and interior walls. This would have required weeks of construction, plumbing, and roofing. We likely would have lost some of the character of our home with the 1930’s tile and tub. We would not have been able to use part of the home, and the expense… well let us say it would have been very considerable. Throughout the process Chris and Jeremy were professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable about their work. They explained everything as it was done and encouraged us to view the process. They even created a video of the whole project. Anyone with pipe leaks that are in a difficult area to access should consider this technology. Chris and his brother are as good as it gets in my book.

Dr. Vince Degenhart, Historical Home Owner, Columbia, SC



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